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Product Description

The WO|Disc - a fresh new concept in the world of flying dog frisbees and dog tug toys ... the WO|Disc is designed with unique benefits to keep your dog happy.  And, each WO|Disc you purchase will help feed orphaned children in Ethiopia!

Engineered from our soft and durable WO pet material, the WO|Disc cuts through the air ... and, floats in the lake! Its pliable material allows your dog to pick it up from flat surfaces with ease and will not hurt or damage their soft mouth.

The WO|Disc features our signature "divots & bumps" texture that is sure to make this flying dog frisbee your dog's favorite toy around the house or at the dog park. The WO|Disc is guaranteed durable (click here for details) and it's designed to be recyclable. 

Size: 8" diameter

Colors: Blue, Green, Cranberry, Yellow

Made in Montana, USA.

This Purchase Provides 2 Home Cooked Meals for...

Setota Gebremariam

Setota is a beautiful little girl. She is the youngest child in her new family and is treated like a princess by all of her siblings. She is 4.5 years old and attends kindergarten. Her favorite color is orange. She was orphaned on the streets when she was 1 year old. With each WO product purchased, you provide 2 home cooked meals for Setota in Ethiopia!



The unique "triple spoke" design of the WO|Disc allows for the Disc to cut through the air when thrown. Additionally, the triple spoke provides leverage for you (and, your dog) to grip the WO|Disc securely during intense games of "tug" ... and, it floats! Go ahead, launch it way out into your dog's favorite swimming hole with no worries of the WO|Disc sinking below the surface.


Made from a unique, pet specific material designed for active dogs, the WO|Disc comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If your dog causes damage to the WO|Disc that you are unhappy with, return it for a full refund within 15 days of purchase.

Dental Hygiene: 

This interactive dog toy will be in your dog's mouth a lot ... so, it made sense to us at WO Design to incorporate a feature that will make the most of the time the WO|Disc is being enjoyed by your favorite "furry" family member. The unique textures on the WO|Disc (the divots and the bumps) will rub gently on your dog's teeth and gums while in your dog's mouth, aiding in dental health and prevention of plaque build up. But, the interactive WO|Disc is not designed to be used solely as a chew toy.


If your WO|Disc is damaged, you can send it back to us and we will recycle the old WO|Disc into a new product, eliminate needless waste and reduce our "footprint" ... we have been given this 1 planet to live on, let's take care of it!

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