WO Soft Dog Toy - Reveal #2

Josh here from WO. We are so excited to show you the 2nd new Soft Dog toy concept from WO. Isn't the Fish awesome!?! Reminder - the final version will most likely not be exactly as displayed, but will probably be pretty close. 

A few of our criteria when working on these concepts with our design team: 
1) each new toy has subtle ties to our original WO dog toys (the Bone and the Disc) including one of the 4 main colors (Blue, Green, Yellow or Cranberry) or some of the textures (bumps and divots).
2) fun and whimsical
3) durable (even for soft dog toys)
4) manufacturing efficiency ... since we are giving back a nice % of our margin help fulfill our mission, the WO soft dog toys need to be efficient to manufacture. 

We think you'll love the Fish ... isn't he/she cute, fun, whimsical, etc? There are components of the original WO toys included (texture & color) while the fish has some unique characteristics of it's own too (crinkle, shape and SQUEAK). 

Stay tuned for further reveals of the remaining 2 soft dog toy shapes. And, you can always visit wodesign.com to pick up one of our current products ... remember, each product you purchase = 2 home cooked meals for orphaned children and widows!

As always, thanks again for your support!


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